Word: Lady
Definition: a woman who is refined, polite, and well spoken
Synonym: queen, countess, broad, gal

These past few weeks (August 2016) have been the busiest I have ever been and I love it.
Currently I’m gearing up to put on a show to get my brand and images out there to the public. Although it’s an all ladies event, I feel like it will be a hit! Of course I will have another art show with other artists, but for now this is just to get myself out there more.

I’ve always had this fear that none of my work was worthy enough for the public to purchase. However these past few years I’ve learned that there are people who have been seriously interested in my style of art. So with this in mind, I started to put my butt in gear and produce work that not only would I love, but others too.

Over the years, although I produced plenty of work, I never got around to selling any of it. Then again, I wasn’t exactly sure how to market myself. Finally this year I got a bit of advice from business experts and here I am, selling prints and originals!

Be sure to never sell yourself short. Your work is unique, and even if it resembles another artists style that has inspired you, it’s still your own and you will always have someone out there who is more than happy to purchase your creation. Just keep producing work and don’t be afraid to put it out there to the public.





Word: Revisit
Definition: come back or visit again.
Synonym: return, or visit again

Believe it or not, but after a couple years of having sketched this image on the computer, just now I’ve finished a couple versions of it.

No, I normally do get back to images much quicker, but something that I thought was completed ended up not being my “best” work. As my best friend T. had put it, “showcase only your very best work. This doesn’t look done.” (She said when the image was still in its infancy.

Okay so that last part I was paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

If you’d like to purchase the transparent (non filled body) print; you may do so by visiting: The Owl Palette Society6 page




Word: WIP (aka Work In Progress)
Definition: a project that is onward toward a final destination
Synonyms: advance, going, headway, passage


What do I mean by WIP (work in progress), well it’s quite simple! Lately I’ve been having a bit of an art road block (so to say). My last series was such a success to me, that I feel like I can’t find anything else to draw. This poses a real problem, considering that the moment I finish one piece of art, I tend to get side tracked and leave the next project in the dust.

Let’s be honest here, I just have a serious problem. Instead of looking at an upcoming series as the “next big thing”, I think of it this way, “It wont be as good as the last”. Terrible! That is just a horrible way to look at any future work!

For now however I am really trying my best to do multiple series in the hopes that one of them will inspire me to really push for at least 5 images total. I know that’s not a lot for a series, but it is the right step in progression.

So, what does that mean? Well, if I can accomplish multiple series of 5 images, then I could maybe produce a series that has 6 or 8 or maybe more the next time I come up with a series.

A collection in Fashion has something always in common with all of its designs. whether it be the accessories added, the color, fabrics and other such things included the collection always has something that ties it together. Maybe my current series has something that ties it to the last series? If that is the case, then my collection is not 5 in each series, but 10 in total. Well, that is, if I can finish this next series of images.

Here’s to working forward!




Word: Spirit
Definition: Ghost
Synonyms:  Apparition, phantasm, phantom, poltergeist, shadow, soul, specter, sprite, umbra, vision,

Recently I’ve been inspired.
A woman I met recently, back in May (2013), had given me some very interesting insight on the native American culture. She, being Cherokee herself, made things ten times better, in my eyes as far as art goes. So what do I do with all this information, and of course ‘inspiration’?

I begin a new series of work.

Now we are planning (she being an artist and a fan of my work) to collaborate on this project.
At first it was only the first piece, called Spirit, inspired by a video she shared with me on the Idle No More movement. I took that video and let it speak to me. Of course I came up with a man arms wide open and wings to guide him. Not to say I wasn’t pleased, it is one my of my favorites of the series, but it really brings out more than just a man looking to the spirits, but he himself is one.

The second piece was done shortly after and this attracted a lot of attention. Sure the first one’s my favorite, but it seems others found the image Spirit: dancer, far more appealing. Regardless, they are a part of a series and will always be just as good as the other (like trying to choose your favorite child, yeah that’s not happening).

So what of the third piece so far in the series? Why not a child, you might be asking? Well the woman (let’s call her T.C) has a son, and that son, for whatever reason, he and I, connect on a spiritual level as much as others. One day he tells me something but is vague and leaving much of the information out. The conversation was short, and ended much earlier than others, but the raw emotional and energy I was getting said something else. Not sure what possessed me, I took hold of my computer and drawing tablet and headed into the living room, put on music and began to draw. The entire time I was drawing he was on my mind. Eventually I uploaded the image and when he saw it, things started to get unreal. He claimed it to be him, and I, thinking this to be a good time, told him of what happened and how I myself believe this image is him.

I hope this inspiration never goes away, because for once I feel like I have something solid to work on. Let’s just keep working on other things, but stay on the big task at hand. It’s okay to do little things here and there to keep you motivated to work, but don’t consider it such. Art should be play! Play that you could potentially get paid for (hehe).

Cheers lovelies.