Word: Surreal
Definition: having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre.
Synonyms: unreal, bizarre, uncanny, dreamlike…etc.

I wont apologize for the lateness of this post. However I will celebrate that things are now back on track; well sort of!

For the past few months, it’s been a ride that I’d not seen coming. After some misadventures in 2016, the new year seemed a bit more promising. It’s been non-stop; go, go, go, and make sure you take a breather somewhere kind of year. Heartbreak didn’t slow me down, or stop me. Instead if freed me from one less priority to make way for other fabulous things.

What fabulous things? Well, I’ve been at the local market Since January 7th (2017), and missing only-maybe a whopping 3 or 4 days in the month (it’s only a few Saturdays considering the rest of the week it’s not open). The things I sell there rang anything from original paintings, hand colored prints, and jars full of (not so real) pixie dust for all audiences.

It’s been a wonderful kick to the new year and I wont be stopping there. I just (right before this post), officially opened my shop (check it out here). My relatively new images were also posted on my Facebook Fanpage (again, look here).

Yet so much still needs to be done. For now, here’s what I got for you lovely creatures!

Thanks so much for the support you’ve all given me! It paves a way for bigger and better things. I hope the artist in you try’s it’s hand at making it a life career! If not, well that’s okay too! Just enjoy the things you love and whatever makes you happy at the end of the day!




Word: Lady
Definition: a woman who is refined, polite, and well spoken
Synonym: queen, countess, broad, gal

These past few weeks (August 2016) have been the busiest I have ever been and I love it.
Currently I’m gearing up to put on a show to get my brand and images out there to the public. Although it’s an all ladies event, I feel like it will be a hit! Of course I will have another art show with other artists, but for now this is just to get myself out there more.

I’ve always had this fear that none of my work was worthy enough for the public to purchase. However these past few years I’ve learned that there are people who have been seriously interested in my style of art. So with this in mind, I started to put my butt in gear and produce work that not only would I love, but others too.

Over the years, although I produced plenty of work, I never got around to selling any of it. Then again, I wasn’t exactly sure how to market myself. Finally this year I got a bit of advice from business experts and here I am, selling prints and originals!

Be sure to never sell yourself short. Your work is unique, and even if it resembles another artists style that has inspired you, it’s still your own and you will always have someone out there who is more than happy to purchase your creation. Just keep producing work and don’t be afraid to put it out there to the public.





Word: Revisit
Definition: come back or visit again.
Synonym: return, or visit again

Believe it or not, but after a couple years of having sketched this image on the computer, just now I’ve finished a couple versions of it.

No, I normally do get back to images much quicker, but something that I thought was completed ended up not being my “best” work. As my best friend T. had put it, “showcase only your very best work. This doesn’t look done.” (She said when the image was still in its infancy.

Okay so that last part I was paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

If you’d like to purchase the transparent (non filled body) print; you may do so by visiting: The Owl Palette Society6 page




Word: Plenty
Definition: a large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough.
Synonyms: wealth, abundance, luxury etc…

Over the summer I had the pleasure of taking a copious amount of photographs of some of my favourite people – my friends.

There are a so many places in my city to go to for settings to take pictures. Most being that of nature but with the added touch of either rustic or a hint of beauty. Of course I gave my models the choices of their outfits but they really pulled off the things I had directed to them.

With this I only give you less than a handful of the images I’m most proud of. I hope that you all feel as though you have plenty to work with in your own cities, with your friends volunteering their time, and natures abundance of backdrops.

Take advantage of all that you have around you, because you never know what you’ll produce until you utilise these things.


Thank you @jacobgirls for your time!



Word: Redraw
Definition: draw or draw up again or differently.
Synonym: amend, rework, reexamine, redefine etc…

One evening, during a Skype call with a friend (who also happens to be an Illustrator), we decided to bust out the old sketchbooks and folders. Each page contained a fully finished drawing, or in my case a bunch of random things; this included poses, hand drawings, ideas and a bunch of art history notes. Sadly most of my work from previous years (earlier years, before my high-school days) had been tossed.

We scavenged like animals to find older and more ridiculous images. Finally after all the books and folders, I decided that I would like take on a new project. I know how terrible I am for not finishing something I started, but I really wanted to do this for myself and see what the outcome was. I wanted to know:

  1. How far have I come?
  2. What has changed about my style?
  3. Are there things I can still improve on?
  4. Have I even improved at all?
  5. What do I draw more now that I didn’t in the past?

I had seem so many people do redraws on DeviantArt, but it had never actually captured my curiosity (for my own work).

After choosing bunch of characters to redraw (only a few were actually color), I got straight to work. So here I am with the cleaned-up/colored version of my first few redraws. I haven’t added the old version to compare, but in another post I will do so. I wanted to show my clever workings before I forget.

This comes to something I want you all to try someday. Not right away, but on your own time; redraw something from your past. See how far you’ve come and what skills you really have underneath all that eraser dust. Perhaps answer those questions I posed. Share with the world your wonderful old sketches and your new version. You’ll surprise yourself and your friends.


Love – What you do

Love – What you do

Word: Love
Definition: to adorn
Synonyms: admire, adore

I love what I do. I think about it when I wake up in the morning, and I think about it when I sleep at night. One day, and I keep telling myself this, I will have my own office where there will be a couch and I’ll be working late hours so it’s significant to have one. I’ll need a place to crash for a few hours and then get back right into working.

Right now, I honestly am doing nothing but practicing work for people who have some create ideas and concepts of characters. I bring them to life and truly do I love doing it! I can create characters on my own but when people come to me, with their idea, I smile and graciously accept the challenge. These characters have depth and I love bringing them to light.

Seriously, I will enjoy doing this for the rest of my life. I hope to wake up and get straight to working on artworks for clients, and in the evening, if I have time, I’ll take up a part-time for some extra cash.

Here’s some advice from Sister Mary Clarence (Sister Act) played by Whoopie Goldberg; “If all you can do is think about singing when you go to bed at night, and when you wake up in the morning, then you should sing.”

I’m not joking! You guys, wake up and pay attention!



Word: Urban
Definition: City
Synonyms:  Central, citified, civic, civil, downtown, inner-city, metropolitan, municipal, popular, public, town

City sunset with silliouette of male dancer creating a chek with his legs in the air
Urban: Check

I have a brother who loves break dancing. It’s a type of art form, using your body to do tricks in mid motion or certain poses along a beat (or rhythm; usually b-boy, hip-hop, and other forms of music). He’s been doing it for a long time, and the physical activity is somewhat demanding of the whole body, especially the muscles in the upper regions of your body. So you can only imagine the kind of work out he’s getting. He would be the perfect model for some anatomy sketches, but considering our relation, we wont go there (l.o.l)

You see, my brother is huge into art, but of course I’m the “artist” (or should I say Fine Artist) while he uses other forms to release his creative mind. Music is one of them. He raps and collaborates with his friends on different hip-hop/rap beats. This in itself is just pure amazing to me, because the whole thing with my brother is that, he’s actually going to school for something opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of dancing and recording songs for a living, this guy is going to be a nurse to help elder, special needs, and disabled folks. That’s right, can you believe this!?

He to me will always be my young brother, the huge artist in the making, but from, I can only share with you the fun that he has when he’s not studying. However I’ll say this, the Urban scene is your playground when schools out. Forget the swings and the slides, welcome to rooftops and parking lots.

Essentially what I’m trying to get at is; you can do anything you want. You can become anything you want. Just don’t ever stop being creative, don’t stop imagining, and don’t stop playing. Once you give that up, life becomes boring, dull, and predictable. Art is about something more; Design is about something much bigger than you and I could ever dream of. It’s all around you and in everything you do. No matter how small or big the task you’re being creative in some way. With numbers, words, pictures, dance, sound, music, and whatever else you could think of.



Word: Starting
Definition: offset
Synonyms: opening, origin, outset


The day is done, the evening arrives and I find myself wired. I’m convinced I’m an owl (or maybe I was in another life). When I get this way, I find my muse is acting up and starting to find ways to allow for my creativity to be taken advantage of. So many things in my head and so many projects that I sometimes never want to start any of them. It will always be just an idea. However there are those moments when we take the ideas and actually materialize them. That’s when we create a bit of magic.

Recently I’ve been hurt again, but a friend, a person I trusted, and someone I really liked (yes it’s a boy if you must know). Unlike Taylor Swift though, I don’t bounce back with a song and find the next cute boy from a band to crush on. Instead I focus on myself, I move onto the more important things to help me heal and mend. However just like her, I do get a bit creative, but what artist hasn’t? We have allowed our creativity to be fueled by Love, and heartache, pain and grief. Maybe it’s these emotions that allow us to actually create something so spectacular, it’s hard to understand how it really came about. Even if the answer was as simple as a breakup, loss of loved one, a new love, or a positive event in your life, it baffles us (at least it does to me).

This bit of heartache hasn’t stopped me from continuing from my original project idea. Instead of dropping it because I didn’t have the right supplies for the painting, I simply took pencil to paper. I love to start with a drawing, and then take it to the canvas. It’s not always an exact match, but in most cases nothing ever ends up exactly the same from your original thumbnail. There will always be some tweaking to better the image (or make it worse).

So, to those of you who are hurting, like myself (and I know you’re strong like me, and will get over it, move on and grow from it) let this be a beacon of opportunity to utilize the feelings and drive your work.