Word: Mane
Definition: Head of hair
Synonyms: hair, strand, crown, ridge

My friends are amazing. No, they really are!
Sarah M in particular, is probably the most Diva I have ever seen, but the one thing I love about this diva; she knows how to look good for photos!

Just recently I went on a “hair photo-shoot” with this girl, and in all honesty it was more of a “Sarah photo-shoot.” I tried really hard to focus on the long mane she had going on (extensions), but I just couldn’t help but adore how natural she was in front of a camera. This made my job infinitely easier and the photos that sprung from it all are some of my favorites.

So I really hope you all have friends who not only are naturals in front of a camera, but are fun to go on little adventures with. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to take photos of you or vice versa. You really don’t know how amazing they will turn out until you try.

Diva or not, I think I see a lot of myself in this young 20 year old who asked for a simple (yet lovely) shoot..

Thanks for being amazing Sarah!



Word: Nebula
Definition: Cloud of Gas
Synonyms: galaxy, nimbus, vapor, etc.

It’s been a little while since I dabbled in something I call Multimedia Digital Art. What that means is, I’ve clustered together a different brush to create an image of something real. It’s like mixing paints or something along those lines. However, instead of paints and such, I used brushes that represent a different image. Of course the background layer is my own mixture of color as a base, but you get the gist. I’ve fooled around with different types of effects as well, so this is new and exciting after so many years of doing the same thing over and over again.

I do hope you enjoy the few I have thus far.

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Thanks so much for your support you guys! It’s certainly what keeps the projects going and sharing more frequent!




Word: Revisit
Definition: come back or visit again.
Synonym: return, or visit again

Believe it or not, but after a couple years of having sketched this image on the computer, just now I’ve finished a couple versions of it.

No, I normally do get back to images much quicker, but something that I thought was completed ended up not being my “best” work. As my best friend T. had put it, “showcase only your very best work. This doesn’t look done.” (She said when the image was still in its infancy.

Okay so that last part I was paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

If you’d like to purchase the transparent (non filled body) print; you may do so by visiting: The Owl Palette Society6 page




Word: Technical
Definition:  Concerning details, mechanics
Synonyms:  High-tech, industrial, mechanical, methodological, occupational, professional

headshots of gemini the girl and boy, one demon the other angel

I’ve come quite the ways since my first image of Gemini. Hardly do I feel as though it really is the same thing that I sketched. To be quite fair, everything always changes when you are trying to get it to it’s final stages of work. Just looking back at the process work in the file itself, well it says a lot.

Honestly, I’ve become very technical and in all fairness, it comes with the profession. Try seeing a Graphic Designer whose been in the industry tell you that they didn’t care that the kerning in their word was okay when we all know that 5 pixel space between the N and E is 2 more than you’re comfortable with.

So it goes the same with my art work. A sketch is only as good as the thumbnail partner or other process work (at least, to me it is).

The above image, I will say, is only the digital coloring. Whether I will be painting it all depends on my time (available) and will to get it on canvas. The collection will be very pieces if I don’t have it on canvas, so what I may just do is convert the first two of the series (Aquarius and Pisces) to a digital painting.

Wish me luck on the project. It seems like it’s taking a lot longer to complete than expected. Oh well, this year is full of surprises, so here is to completing projects later than expected!



Word: Pink .noun
Definition: rose color
Synonyms: blush, coral, flush, fuchsia, rose, roseate, salmon

This color, there is just something about it that has always drawn me to it. There are men and women who wear this color, but I know some who live their life in it. Though I may not live in it completely I still have my fair share of pink. Three pink throw blankets, pink night shirt, pink dresses, pink body spray, pink jewelry, pink makeup bag, and much much more. I adore the color (as much as red). I really like using it as an accent color in my artwork. Why? Well because it just looks so clean and soft. In the picture of a friends avatar (on a website I’m part of), I tried to to accent the image with a shade of pink that pops and gives some definition to it all. The eye (mine in particular) is drawn to that color and enhances my experience with the image.

If you use a color right, (the right shade or tone), your image can look outstanding, even if it’s as simple as a cartoon-ish like character (such as this one). There is always a time to play with multiple colors and then there is a time for color to shine above the rest.
Use colors wisely.



Word: Imagine .verb
Definition: dream up, conceive
Synonyms:  brainstorm, build castles in air, conceptualize, conjure up, cook up, create, depict, devise, envisage

alternate persona with koi and flower
imagine the wonders

Can you imagine the world being abnormal? I picture floating koi-fish, large flowers, bubbles around me when I fantasize about the things I adore, and so much more. Hey what can I say, I have an over active imagination sometimes. When I work I picture myself far off doing something completely different (but managing to do my job correctly at the same time). Sometimes you just need to give yourself a moment to take yourself away, far away, and surprise yourself with the ‘abnormal’.

The most romantic of things are imagined by the human mind.
Explore and be amazed.