Who’s that!?

the owl palette
the owl palette

Name: Rojin n. (row-g-een) (the G is pronounced like the G in “mirage”)
means morning, ex:
1. in the morning, she rose with the sound of her alarm.

Age: 26
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation/Career: Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Artist
Job: Merchandise Coordinator (Sales)

Well, hello there!
In 2011 I graduated from the Graphic Design Program in the province of Ontario Canada, and currently I’m seeking clients who are in need of my service.

I actually consider myself a Fine Artist/Illustrator, but my talents and skills are far beyond just that of traditional artwork, so I want to show you all the kinds of work that I do.

From Photography, to rough pencil sketches, I do just about everything, that includes web design. I like to share my work, but I prefer seeing other peoples. However with a bit of time and a craving to do more art since I started my job as Merchandise Coordinator in retail, it’s inspired me to create like these designers have with clothing and accessories. Of course, I don’t excel as much in my fashion design as I do other subjects, but hey, we tend to surprise ourselves with what we can actually accomplish.

So here’s to a new blog, a new (and old) audience, and fresh content (hopefully!)


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