Word: Geometric
Definition: pertaining to points, lines, angels and figures used in geometry
Synonyms: graphic, mathematical, spatial etc.

My love for fashion didn’t stop after Highschool; in fact, I actually believe I found a way to still keep with fashion, but instead of making and designing, I stylize and photograph. That’s right, I found a way to still enjoy the world of fashion. Sure sometimes being the stylist, makeup artist, hair dresser, as well as the photographer can be a bit much, but the outcome is well worth the hours.

This summer I was able to meet a wonderful upcoming artist whose fashion style reflects my own in some ways and freedom makes for some fun photo shoots. She quite literally will let me style her any way I please and even takes directions like a champ! Who is she? She is Jen Drews.

This 20 something year old is a natural!

I hope you enjoy the few images posted here. Be sure to check out more of Jen and my photography at my facebook fan page. Just click the link and you’ll get a glimpse of things you haven’t seen here before!



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