Animal Kingdom (highlights)

Animal Kingdom (highlights)

Word: Highlight
Definition: pick out and emphasize.
Synonyms: high point, peak, emphasize, intensify, etc.

November 2015 I decided it was a good idea to start a project that could potentially get me on the map somehow. Although I didn’t exactly get the sort of attention I had wanted, it still became a popular thing on my fan page.

I did a series of watercolor images of animals in the kingdom that I really thought were pretty amazing creatures. Each animal was captured in three images. They all were different types of the same animal. For example, if I did owls, you would see: a barn owl, burrow owl, and snow owl.

This was series I put a good amount of time on. Sometimes when you really love something you tend to put more time into it than anything else you have going on. Of course there are times when you wonder why you took on such a huge project. As much as you want to kick yourself for it, you know the end result will be more than gratifying! Just don’t give up on something you’ve started; because it was a good idea and it will give you a huge satisfaction when completed.


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