Word: Inquiry
Definition: investigate (behavior or opinions) by questioning a group of people.
Synonyms: survey, question, audit, examine, query, etc

Graphic Design and Fine Art Commissions survey:

Recently I’ve been doing a complete change in the way I’m doing things here at The Owl Palette. Although I have a bad cold, it wont stop me from trying to acquire the information that I need in order to serve my clients better. I know this sort of random and completely out of no where; considering I haven’t exactly posted anything since last summer, but believe me when I say this, I’ve got plenty of work that hasn’t been shown.

With that said, I’d really like it if you would take the time to do a two minute survey – yes?
I’m trying to better my services and product for my clients and this will certainly help me in the long run. The survey will be open until the end of the week, however the sooner the results, the better the outcome.

Thank you so much for reading and participating!


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