Gaming : Enslaved

Gaming : Enslaved

Here is something you don’t see everyday, a game that most of you probably don’t remember. Sure there are still walk-through’s and other guides to help you on your way but what about a recent review, especially by an artist? What’s so amazing about this game? What is so interesting about the whole idea of machine vs. human? Of course, I also want to talk about the games concept, art and design.

So what is amazing about this game? The concept behind machine vs. human is not as original as we think. However, I have yet to see a game this complex with the idea of robots against humans. Of course we watch movies where humans have a war with the machines and mankind is riding on the hopes that one man or woman will save us all.

This game brings about some wonderful post-apocalyptic scenes, where nature has taken over the cities and streets, and machines are laying dormant all around. Humans are enslaved by machines but of course there are those who are free and living on the outskirts of town.

The characters are interesting. You have a big brutish guy with a tech-savvy young lady who needs to get home. Of course the guy refuses but she has her way, and he’s right there by her side, protecting her and getting her to where she wants to be.

Designing the character must have been a challenge. How do you put two characters together who are so different? Well, I’m sure it wasn’t that hard, we see so many characters accomplish this, but of course this becomes a friendship you want to see blossom. They both look attractive and of course they suit so well into their environment.

Speaking of environment, the places you explore are stunning. The game play is really easy to pick up and it’s not very hard to improve on your main character, and interacting with the environment is a lot easier. It’s not very easy to get around when you have machines attracting every which way – oh and let’s not forget the mines. I enjoy taking my characters around and exploring the terrain.

Like my previous game, I have yet to finish this one, however I am eager to get back into it. Unfortunately my interests are peaked elsewhere. Yet, I feel the need to draw something that’s related to the game. So maybe you’ll see some of my own concept art; inspired by this game, I can assure you, this will be good.


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