Gaming: an art and challenge

Gaming: an art and challenge

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows review

I grew up mainly around my cousins, most of them were boys, and what do boys do – they play video games. At first I was a bit hesitant to write about this. I know there are plenty of girls out there who are “Gamer-Chics”. Yet, how many of these girls/women play a game for the cinematography? Or maybe the artwork that you can unlock when you beat a level?

Certainly playing a game is for action packed adventure and intriguing story line is far more interesting. However I say, yes to all of it; I myself personal love the environment, the character design, and, of course, the secrets of unlocking concept art.

Recently, I’ve begun to play the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The story is not as interesting as the game play, but the game-play is not an introspective of the world and creatures.

The main character Gabriel is extremely attractive but through him I can explore the entire world and its most hidden secrets (which is a plus).
This game in particular rich in detail. Starting from the world, to level design, game play, and like a good RPG – the slow progression of character and his/her skills. Such an in-depth game and I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed by the complexity and over all detail. Through each level, you come across the dead (who were once warriors on a similar quest) and through them you receive scrolls that give hints to progression of play, magic power-ups, and over all new skills. These scrolls prove useful and sometimes they add to the story. Who wouldn’t want to read the diaries of the dead?

You tend to miss a lot of things that can help you through the other levels, for example, your health and magic (which become crucial as the levels get harder). The scrolls don’t always give you the hints you need, and you’re relying mainly on when you go off the trail to explore.

The game guarantee’s endless hours of gaming – what fun!? You really don’t have to worry about  the game ending soon.
So far however, I can’t say I’ve even made it to the halfway point of the game (because it takes so damn long to finish one level). Seriously though, you’re let’s say Level 2. In that level you have 5 or 8 stages you need to complete. In those levels you have to collect these things, and then whatever else to improve your character. You’ll miss a whole lot if you don’t explore the stage. Regardless, you press on. At one point a scroll of the dead warrior I pass by talks about being “Patient” in the Labrynth. I have patience, but dear god, as the game gets harder, I don’t know how many times I can keep it up. The other downside to all these levels is that you have to go back to some of the older ones to unlock a “secret” section that you couldn’t get into.

I get it, designing a game isn’t easy. It takes time, lots of programmers, designers, writers, artists and a lot of creative thinkers. I appreciate the flaws as much as achievements in the games over all design. When I finish the game, I think their will be a great deal of relief for actually pushing through to the very end (which sometimes rarely happens with my schedule). So regardless of the length, detail, and complexity, it’s still a pretty well versed game with a lot of beautiful scenes and characters to enjoy.

This game really is a work of art. I can’t wait for the second game to come out so that I can play it- well, that is if I can finish this one first. Wish me luck!


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