Alternate Persona

Alternate Persona

Word: Alternate
Definition: A person acting in the place of another; a substitute.
Synonyms: other, substitute, different, another, second


A lot of people think that they have an alternate persona, a different personality that is still within them, in their control and ultimately a much better self. Personally I think we all enjoy the idea of being someone else; even to the point of looking like someone we (in our present state) do not resemble.

This persona/character, whatever you’d like to call it, gives many people courage, inspiration, strength, and an otherwise interesting life. Of course we don’t act out their world as they would never act out ours (why would they, are we not the lesser of them?)

The reason why I think some who do dress and act, even develop this need to bring the character to life in this reality, is because we personally need them in certain times of our lives. It seems like a mental disorder to some, but for those who have mental disorders themselves, it is a sort of cure/treatment. This is our way to relieve the tensions, the bad thoughts, and even improve our lifestyles.

Many people would not approve, nor agree to this sort of behaviour. Even accepting the idea of their loved ones, friends, and or colleagues having an alternate persona seems a bit outrageous. Why cant they be normal they say.

Here’s why we can’t be normal, because the very idea of being the same as everyone else is just ludicrous. It is because of routine, social pressure that we have been told that who we are, is just not good enough, so we must conform and look like something else. So, in that, we have someone else in place of us. This character who has the power to fly, heal, and create. This is someone who can impact the world and be loved by many! So why would we want to remove this character from our lives, when you wont love us for who we are…normally?

I have a persona. She is Crimson-Valkyrie.
A fierce warrior, a creator, lover, and whimsical creature unlike any you’ve seen. Her companion is a night owl, and her muse is comical in his own sense. She’s not perfect, but she’s not weak either. She wants to show you the real meaning of beauty in you and the world. She wants to inspire and give you the strength to make your own magic, to bring those dreams come true.

For my dears, I say, why not take a moment and explore your imagination to find your alternate persona? Maybe your imaginary friend was this person and they never really did go away.

Dream on.


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