Word: Play
Definition: Have fun
Synonyms: Perform, act, move use, utilize, apply, employ

When work becomes more like work and less like play, what’s the fun in that? Recently I’ve been noticing at my regular job that it’s not really as amusing as I use to think it to be. It just feels like work and worst of all, I stress out. OptionsUnlimited and I collaborate on a lot of things in his blog (which you could read by clicking his name). In there we have plenty of fun with a whole lot of different activities. Festivals, pranks, and everyday silliness.

One night, for a good time, he told me to bring my camera and we were out the door, heading to one of the parking garages in our city. As we were leaving the building to head on out, he goes to tell me this thing is a competition, a race, I believe. I’m excited and ready to take pictures, but with my new camera I can’t seem to figure many of the settings out (being the Nikon DSLR 3200, what do I know about it?). So there were going to be a bunch of fast moving, excited young and old skaters whipping by me and I wont even have my lens cap off yet.

It was actually safe to say that I got a couple nice shots, but they weren’t as good as I would have liked them to be. No worries though, nothing that Photoshop couldn’t handle! However I was lucky enough to have OptionsUnlimited there to take a few and play with the settings. He’s much better at the night time shots than I am.

Thats the thing eh? You get a new piece of equipment, a bit more advance than you’d imagine, but well worth it, and yet you don’t know much. Time to educate yourself, I say! So what better way than to actually go out, in a setting you’re not comfortable with and mess around? Who knows, you might actually get something totally unexpected and make something of it.

If anything, just say it’s abstract and walk away (hehe).


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