Word: Technical
Definition:  Concerning details, mechanics
Synonyms:  High-tech, industrial, mechanical, methodological, occupational, professional

headshots of gemini the girl and boy, one demon the other angel

I’ve come quite the ways since my first image of Gemini. Hardly do I feel as though it really is the same thing that I sketched. To be quite fair, everything always changes when you are trying to get it to it’s final stages of work. Just looking back at the process work in the file itself, well it says a lot.

Honestly, I’ve become very technical and in all fairness, it comes with the profession. Try seeing a Graphic Designer whose been in the industry tell you that they didn’t care that the kerning in their word was okay when we all know that 5 pixel space between the N and E is 2 more than you’re comfortable with.

So it goes the same with my art work. A sketch is only as good as the thumbnail partner or other process work (at least, to me it is).

The above image, I will say, is only the digital coloring. Whether I will be painting it all depends on my time (available) and will to get it on canvas. The collection will be very pieces if I don’t have it on canvas, so what I may just do is convert the first two of the series (Aquarius and Pisces) to a digital painting.

Wish me luck on the project. It seems like it’s taking a lot longer to complete than expected. Oh well, this year is full of surprises, so here is to completing projects later than expected!


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