Word: Addition
Definition: processing of adding
Synonyms: extension, inclusion, increasing

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when you think you’ve got something almost done, only to find out you really haven’t even reach half of the way there. However, I like to say that this is a pretty big project (regardless of the small canvas size of 11×14 for each zodiac sign). I’m actually proud that I’m even this far ahead in this project. Even though they are simple sketches, this is where you start. I just wish it didn’t take so long to come up with or even get them down on paper (having problems finding time and inspiration in the past month). I really am happy with how things are right now.

Soon you will be seeing some of them painted. I will put it out there that these are paintings I’m really looking forwarding to starting and having posted. I’ve been asked about whether or not I’ll be selling, but I think with the idea of selling as of right now is out of the question. I want to finish this (actually have all 12 signs painted) before I sell any of them. Of course you wont be waiting long, and I don’t have the patiences to have them sitting ducks.

Anyways, I do hope you enjoy the submission today! I’ll be adding Scorpio and Sagittarius and a new rendition of Aquarius when I get my hands on my sketchbook. I personally want to thank my one coworker and friend from Gaudy Sequins for helping me on figuring out Scorpio. Throwing ideas at her during lunch break was the best idea ever!



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