Word: Starting
Definition: offset
Synonyms: opening, origin, outset


The day is done, the evening arrives and I find myself wired. I’m convinced I’m an owl (or maybe I was in another life). When I get this way, I find my muse is acting up and starting to find ways to allow for my creativity to be taken advantage of. So many things in my head and so many projects that I sometimes never want to start any of them. It will always be just an idea. However there are those moments when we take the ideas and actually materialize them. That’s when we create a bit of magic.

Recently I’ve been hurt again, but a friend, a person I trusted, and someone I really liked (yes it’s a boy if you must know). Unlike Taylor Swift though, I don’t bounce back with a song and find the next cute boy from a band to crush on. Instead I focus on myself, I move onto the more important things to help me heal and mend. However just like her, I do get a bit creative, but what artist hasn’t? We have allowed our creativity to be fueled by Love, and heartache, pain and grief. Maybe it’s these emotions that allow us to actually create something so spectacular, it’s hard to understand how it really came about. Even if the answer was as simple as a breakup, loss of loved one, a new love, or a positive event in your life, it baffles us (at least it does to me).

This bit of heartache hasn’t stopped me from continuing from my original project idea. Instead of dropping it because I didn’t have the right supplies for the painting, I simply took pencil to paper. I love to start with a drawing, and then take it to the canvas. It’s not always an exact match, but in most cases nothing ever ends up exactly the same from your original thumbnail. There will always be some tweaking to better the image (or make it worse).

So, to those of you who are hurting, like myself (and I know you’re strong like me, and will get over it, move on and grow from it) let this be a beacon of opportunity to utilize the feelings and drive your work.


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