Word: Torment
Definition: Severe mental distress
Synonyms: affliction, agony, anguish, annoyance, bane, bother, excruciation, harassment, hell, irritation, misery, nag, nagging, nuisance, pain, pain in the neck, persecution, pest, plague, provocation, rack, scourge, suffering, torture, trouble, vexation, worry

Figure drawing on knees hands over head bent back
tormented figure

Almost everyday I feel as though most of my artwork reflects a lot of my feelings, and sometimes I feel nothing at all but come up with something. (I guess not feeling anything is a feeling after all). None the less we have our moments and we have our inspirations and sometimes when you’re in the most rotten mood, you’re able to produce something brilliant. Sad to say, I haven’t had much time to produce much of anything (excluding a few figure sketches for my own references).  Sometimes I think the pain ends up being a big of a bother really.
So I ask you this, what is about pain that brings about some of the most beautiful of images? I looked back to so many paintings and some of them just hit home. Were the artists just as bothered by their work as I am? Was  Jacques-Louis David feeling depressed while painting Death of Socrates? Did it drive Théodore Géricault crazy while he painted the horrid events during his lifetime (including that rather depressing sinking of the frigate Méduse in 1816?). Or did they genuinly feel depressed and tormented by their own emotions and thoughts that these paintings came naturally to them and empathy is all they felt for their subject?

I can’t really be sure, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get past a figure sketch. I wont blame my depression, considering I am pretty busy with other things. However I do know that I want to start actually designing things again. Not just illustrating, but actually working on projects (ie. books, posters, branding and so on). I’m sure if I let the pain be my muse, it may just lead me somewhere, it always has.

So the next time you feel something and poetic about it, produce a work of art (anything really), and see the beauty in getting your emotions into your creation.


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