Word:  Reiteration .verb
Definition: say or do again
Synonym:  come again, ditto*, double-check, echo, go over again, ingeminate, iterate, play back, recap, recapitulate, recheck, rehash, renew, repeat, reprise, resay, restate, retell, rewarn, say again


blossoming flowers from a small tree
them flowers

No idea as to what this flower is, but I know it’s familiar, and most likely the name will come to me. Perfection, that’s what it is, but these flowers didn’t happen over night. It took time and patience, some love, constant repitition of these things to bring them about. My parents are very particular about their gardening, and they understand the care that goes into making something so beautiful come about.

This is where I tell you something I’ve done that has to do with all that. Honestly, I haven’t been able to do any of that for any project. However in the past I have done so, and will continue to do those small and simple things that will bring about a beautiful piece of design or art. Photography is amazing, because you can go through a 100 photo’s and to you, only one or two may be perfect. Yet you took that time and patience, in taking 100 to achieve the perfect 1 or 2.

Yet, the image above was something I took in one go. I was just coming home from work, and noticed the flowers on this small tree. Gorgeous. So, naturally, I took a photo using my windows 7 optimus 5mpx. Not the best, but it’s hell of a lot better than the previous one I owned.

Just keep reiterating.
Eventually you will succeed one of those times.


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