Word: Thwart verb.
Definition: stop, hinder
Synonyms: baffle, balk, beat, bilk, check, circumvent, confuse, counter, crab, cramp, crimp, cross, curb, dash, defeat, disappoint, ditch, dodge, double-cross, duck, foil, foul up, frustrate, give the slip, hold up, impede, louse up, match, obstruct, oppose, outwit, pit, play off, prevent, queer*, restrain, ruin, scotch, skin, snafu, stymie, take down, take wind out of, trammel, upset,

The Characters Kaa'mina and Konstantin


This is a weird word, for a weird day.
So I did my “spring cleaning” (only for my room that was much need of it). Constantly was I running back and forth between my laundry outside and the dusty mess in my room. Why I decided it was best to do both at once?

I have no idea.

Thing is, there is this little artist in me, my muse keeps poking at and for the long of times I haven’t been able to get myself to draw. It was probably a little over a week ago, and all I accomplished was drawing characters from a collaborative story I was doing. None the less I got more done then than today.

I can honestly say I have no idea what’s stopping me right now from drawing or being creative, but I do know, this entry is going to be done! Hopefully my cooking is as well as my writing.

Remember to push yourself to do something creative, even if you think you don’t have the time to do it. Because chances are, that time you spent watching mindless television, you could have finished that painting you’ve been commissioned to do.



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