Word: Gimmick
Definition: contrived object; scheme
Synonyms:  aid, apparatus, artifice, catch, concern, counterfeit, deceit, device, dodge*, fake, feint, fixture, fun, gadget, gambit, game, imposture, instrument, jest, maneuver, means, method, ploy, ruse, secret, shift, sport, stratagem, stunt, trick, widget, wile

Queen kissing her husband Dartanianon the cheek with him surprised
The Kiss

There is this other persona that I have, one that adores the bad; the evil. I could recall the days where it was dying to get out and at some point, it did. Now I’m trying to contain it, manage it somehow, but it still escapes me from time to time. Clever thing it is. However I have a bit more control over it now than years before. My outlet for this bad is my writing and right now I’m apart of this elaborate story that keeps getting better and better. My Muse is having the time of his life, plotting and scheming for my characters.

I have two main characters, they are brothers, and both trying to maintain their lives. The younger brother wants his brothers crown, and has betrayed him on more than one occasion. This brother is rather powerful but the King, his brother doesn’t want to kill his younger brother because the love he has for him. Yet he is torn. With a family now, his brother seeks to destroy the King and bring about darkness. It’s very complex and I don’t want to get into anymore details but the image I put up is of the older brother, the King, with his wife. Originally in my story of these two characters the King has no queen and it’s just a struggle between the two brothers and the surrounding characters involved.

However when you interlace your character with others by other people, a story comes about and you must work your way around it. There is one thing you should know though, my bad side has taken a huge interesting in this story and is about to unleash a bit of hell once again. I love not always being on the side of the angels. Sometimes you just need to taste darkness too fully understand what you’re up against in life.

Of course my Muse has been busy as of late, with writing, and drawing. I hope to post more images (just doodles) to show you the characters involved in this story that I’ve been on a major roller-coaster with. I love collaborating with others on projects, especially clever writers on a story.

Collaborate with others and don’t be afraid to bring about some chaos.
Plan something big and figure a way to bring it about!


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