Word: Medium
Definition: midway, average
Synonyms: common, commonplace, fair, fairish, intermediate, mean, medial, median, mediocre, middle, middling, moderate, neutral, normal, ordinary, par, passable, popular, run-of-the-mill, so-so, standard

Stuffed bunny toy with top hat drawn in blue pen
The Bunny

Really what I meant to say was “art medium” but to me this is all the same. I love pen, but haven’t been doing much work with it. Blue pen, I don’t really find is the best (especially ball point), considering it tends to bleed while you’re working, so those dark spots that you never meant to have, well now you have to work with it. Honestly, it’s not the worst. Once you know how to fluidly draw those lines, it becomes easier and then you’ll find yourself shading with it. Odd, I know, but it builds on your skills as an artist.

Back in high-school I really enjoyed the exercise having to do with pen in art class. I still have my sketchbook which contains a number of pen drawings. It became a medium I really enjoyed and I think that if I picked it up again it would be second nature, although I may mess up from time to time. We all have our favorite mediums, but I will tell you now, this isn’t my all-time favorite one. No, that’s just something I play with, enjoy doing when I have no pencil or eraser around.

I’d ask you this, what is your favorite art medium, and why, of all the ones you have at your disposal, that one? It doesn’t need to be big or fancy, just simple even. Think about it, maybe comment on here if you like, but just ask yourself first, what can you not live without when you’re doing your art? I know I have a ton of pens lying around, and barely do they ever get used, but they still are apart of my work and I doubt I will let them go.

Take the time to ponder about what you enjoy working.
You may find a happy medium with what you already have.


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