Word: Efflorescence
Definition: blooming
Synonyms: developing, flowering, folding, rash, redness, sprouting


blossoms from a fruit tree
beauty of a fruit tree

There is just something about photography that fascinates me. Now in this day in age, we can take amazing quality photos and video with only our mobile phones. How is that we went from a simple boxed device to a hand held one so rapidly? Technology has blossomed just like the buds on this fruit tree residing in my backyard. So simple yet so divine in its own way. You are literally able to take a picture of just about anything beautiful and with the world wide web, you can show just about anyone.

Why would you a specific target to show your creations too? Share it to everyone, anyone! Take pictures of everything and anything! Just remember to play with your cameras, don’t get boring with it, and don’t use filters to “better” the image. Macro images are always fun to look at, and you get a different perspective. You don’t always have to have the entire object in the frame. Sometimes you only need a piece of it to complete the image.

If drawing isn’t for you, maybe photography is. Just remember, put some effort even into the smallest of things. Who knows maybe you’ll find something you didn’t see there before.

Look to nature, you’re always going to be surprise there.


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