Word: Myth .noun
Definition: fictitious story, often ancient
Synonyms: allegory, bestiary, bunk, crock, fabrication, fairy story, fairy tale, falsehood, fantasy, fib, fiction, figment, fish story, hogwash, invention, legend,  romance, tale, tall story

the myth


Why the creature? Simple, why ever not? Think about the things you create in your own mind. Stories, images, people, places, things, and when you’re told to ‘imagine’ your brain literally will create just about anything. So I say, why not a  half goat, half man? What is so wrong with this picture? Nothing I tell you, because I felt the need and the want to draw something I don’t normally do. It helps the creative juices to flow and bring about new things that your own hands and mind aren’t used too.

I tend to look to movies and other sorts of media (books, music etc) to help with my art. I mean what good is it to sit in a room, filled with little to nothing and be told to “be creative”. Most art will start somewhere, and when doing preliminary work, we have our rough sketches, our thumbnails to work with and improve on. I’m not saying I will improve on this specific image, but I think it’s a start for me to draw bigger and better things. You don’t have to stick with the real things, look to fiction, mythology, legend, and maybe something will come about in your head.

Usually I will draw either a person, place, or thing (including animals) but then you want to combine them, bringing about new and interesting images. So I say be the genius that you are and combine and grow with what you already have and know. I think you’ll be surprised at what you come up with and what you’re actually capable of creating.

Remember, weird is more than O.K!
Look back on the earlier civilizations and maybe you’ll learn something of their art to inspire your own.
What do you have to lose?



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